Welcome to The Second Blossom Wiki, abbreviated to TSBW if you're lazy! So far, we have 8,959 edits in total. Here, you can create anything you want that doesn't break the rules! You can write fanfiction or original stories, upload art, start discussions about things you enjoy or create roleplays on the forums, or create your own pages! Your imagination is free here, as long as it isn't too drunk. You should go on chat sometime; it's really fun there when there's people!

Please read our rules first. You can find the rules here.  Please don't break them, otherwise us staff will have to put in effort. If you have any questions or problems with other users, please contact our drunk and vore thirst founder, Blossom, here, or the 7 co-owners Nugget, Vaur, Doggo, Levon, Berry(actually don't unless you wanna risk being shipped), Lucy, or Weegee/Vidal.  You could also contact our admins Stubby, Star, or SAD MARCO FANGIRL. For chat problems, you'd probably be better off contacting the owners or MAYBE an admin, but if you really desire, contact our really ded chatmods Awsome, Firework, or Red Flyer.  Please follow our rules or else you'll risk a very harsh punishment from our very r00d staff :(. Thanks!

P.S. If you're here to spy or vandalize, please don't. That's very mean :(

Members list here!

What Has Recently Happened At TSBWEdit

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