Hello boys and girls! Humans and Imaginary Friends! Pokemon and Ponies!

This is a test thingy 'bout Vaur, because you all love Vaur ((If you don't, then good for you.)) It's a timeline! :D

The origin story of Vaur/Vartix ((And Arthon and Celestia, but they don't count XD))

So, hopefully, you know the origin story. You don't? Mmkay, I'll tell you it in brief, get some popcorn!

So, Vaur, or Vartix at the time, was born inside the Sun's core (-insert yo mama so fat joke here-) 20 billion years ago. 6 billion years later, he discovered a small planet orbiting his birthplace, so he decided to mess around with it, because he was alone and bored (I woulda done the same XD).

He created fire and water, day and night, earth and wind, fish and chips, and so on. Varty (new nickname confirmed) shaped the world until his occasional coffee breaks, and then it was finished. Oh yeah, Arthon and Celestia were born and helped him, but who cares about them? (A + C: Hey! V: He's got a point.)

A twist in the tale, and EVILLLLLLLLLL!

So everything, and everyone, was happy. But as time went on, Vaur/Vartix felt as if the world was ruined by it's inhabitants, so he decided to burn all life on the planet and rebuild it, Simple, right? Arthon and Celestia didn't share his viewpoints. Here's probably how that went:

V: Shut up you two! I'm the oldest!

A: No you shut up!

C: Guys stop! You're making me cry!

A: If you burn the world, Bro, don't burn my sky!

C: Or my ocean!

V: You two are no fun!

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